Who Pays Their Salaries and Benefits

I was thinking about how the “Tricksters” in Congress accept campaign money from corporations and when voting, they put the wishes and needs of these corporations ahead of the wishes and needs of the people that voted for them.  It just so happens that we, the people, pay for the salaries and benefits for members of Congress.  That just ain’t right.  Since Congress writes bills that favor their corporate sponsors, then these same corporate sponsors should pay for salaries and benefits of these Congressional “Tricksters”.  Our tax dollars could be put to better use.


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Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.
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3 Responses to Who Pays Their Salaries and Benefits

  1. One Fly says:

    Exactly Cats! Problem is they just take that money “saved” and fund more war or some other crap that promotes right wing bs.

  2. oso says:

    Hi Cats,
    just linked over from cranky old One Fly’s place, I’m also old and cranky and pretty much see everything One Fly’s way. Nice spot, I’m a cat guy myself. Dulce and Chico roam our house, adding little and complaining lots but we love ’em anyway.

  3. oso – Welcome to Cat’s Blog. Guess we are all getting to that cranky age. It’s a good age because we earned our crankiness. 🙂

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