Dismantling Medicare

Representative Paul Ryan has a plan to reduce the federal deficit.  It will lower the tax rate for America’s wealthiest at the expense of seniors.  Oh, sure, he says, “It won’t effect anyone that is currently over 55” which is probably true.  He wants to tear families apart by pitting the younger generation against their parents and grandparents.  That’s not family values that I could support.  One of the lies is that the Medicare voucher system will be just like what government employees receive.  LIE.  The government pays 75% of the health insurance premium for each employee with the employee picking up 25% of the cost.  If premiums increase, then the cost increases but the percentage never changes.  This will not happen in the Medicare voucher system as the “cost of living” increase does not match the rising cost of health care.

There is no way that seniors will be able to afford private health insurance and as they age, the premiums will take a larger and larger percent of a senior’s income.  Doctors are not required to take Medicare or treat Medicare patients.  The same holds true for health insurance companies which are not required to insure anyone.  Older seniors will find that they may be dropped from their health insurance coverage just at the time of their life when they need it the most.

Shame on Republicans for lying and trying to scam Americans.  Shame on Republicans for taking from the poor and giving to the rich.


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