Road Trip: Heading West – Day 1

We left our home around 2:00 and stopped at a sandwich shop and had lunch which set us back one hour.  At 3:00, we left Oley and headed for the Pennsylvania Turnpike.  The drive on the “Green Stamp” was uneventful.  We went through 5 tunnels with the first tunnel being a double tunnel.

Traveling through the southwestern part of PA and into WV, I noticed that the population started to dwindle as there were less and less houses scattered among the hills.  This is coal country and the billboards along the road reminded everyone passing by about the benefits of coal.  The people that live in this area are the people that asked Mitt Romney to save them from Barack Obama.  The biggest employer that was evident was a big shopping center that was built around Cabelos. There is no industry here.  The other biggest employer are the coal mines.  I can’t imagine that as I child, my dream would be to grow up and become a coal miner.  This is why they cling to their guns and bibles.  There is nothing else to do.  How very sad.

We stayed at a Day’s Inn in St. Clairsville, OH.  The bed was a king size and was a bit lumpy but the sheets were clean and I didn’t see bed bugs.  I would rate this motel as a 3.5.  I have stayed in better and I have stayed in worse.  The room was clean and the shower was very good.  There was some mold around the tub which could be rectified by a fan in the bathroom.

Our next destination is Iowa City, IA.  At least we will gain one hour.


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6 Responses to Road Trip: Heading West – Day 1

  1. One Fly says:

    Into the cornfield – OH MY! Have fun.

  2. cryptoclearance says:

    I am so behind on everything. Is this THE Go West Young Woman trip?

  3. Day 2 was definitely into the cornfield. I will be posting more as time allows. Had some interesting encounters with some people in South Dakota.

  4. Kind of 🙂 We won’t be making it to Colorado on this trip as we are exploring the northwest.

  5. Hi, Cats. Glad to hear you arrived at last. 🙂

    I’m going to go through each day’s events. See you on the other side.

  6. Thanks. It an adventure. I’m having a great time with my family.

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