Heading West: Day 2 – The Longest Day

Or it seemed like the longest day.  The drive through Indiana and especially past Indianapolis was boring and felt tedious.  Nothing exciting to report about that GOPer state.  It was a different experience in Illinois.  As we headed north to connect to route 80, there in the distance, appeared what looked like a windmill farm.  A closer inspection, revealed that indeed it was a windmill farm.  This windmill farm stretched on for a far as the eye could see.  It appeared as if this windmill farm extended all the way to Chicago.  I can’t say that it did as we weren’t heading toward Chicago.

We eventually entered Iowa as the sun was beginning to set and were surprised at the beauty of the surrounding countryside.  Since we were exhausted when we arrived in Coralcity, IA, we ate a quick dinner and had a few beers and crashed on our bed and had a good night’s sleep.

Nothing really exciting to report for day 2.


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One Response to Heading West: Day 2 – The Longest Day

  1. Ah, but it doesn’t have to be exciting if it’s informative. 🙂

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