Day 2: Visiting Twin Peaks

Now this is what I really wanted to see.  As a fan of the TV series “Twin Peaks”, I really wanted to visit the water falls and Twede’s Cafe.

These places of interest can be found in North Bend, WA.  There is work being done to the area outside the “lodge” so the water that feeds the falls is being diverted.  It’s still nice to see.  There is a mist that comes off the falls which made the picture of the “lodge” appear as if it is in a fog.

The Falls…

We had lunch at Twede’s where…

After lunch, we went blueberry picking at the base of Mt. Si.  We picked 7 lbs of sweet, Washington blueberries.

Opening credits to Twin Peaks.


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One Response to Day 2: Visiting Twin Peaks

  1. We loved Twin Peaks. We have the first season on DVD and the soundtrack CD. I envy you getting to see those places. 🙂

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