Heading West: Day 3 – The Badlands and the Cowboy

I am trying to catch up on my diary as the motel rooms were not always inviting for spending time on the computer.

We arrived in South Dakota on Day 3.  Our destination for the night was Wall, SD.  Neither of us have ever been to South Dakota and were surprised at the beauty of the countryside.  My heart felt heavy as we drove across the state.  It was as if I was feeling the pain of the native Americans that once lived on the plains.  To see expansive ranches with free roaming cattle where once lived a free roaming people, angered me.

As we sat in a restaurant having our dinner in Wall, SD, we over heard the conversation in the next booth.  It was a young man who claimed to be a farmer.  By eastern standards, he was no farmer.  This man stated to his friend that he inherited 1500 acres and that he hated the bikers that came to Sturgis each year and that he hated the hunters that shot “his birds” and “his deer”.  I’m sure he hated the big government that stole this land from the native Americans and handed it over to his ancestors and used the US Army to protect this land for his ancestors.  What a selfish, ignorant hypocrite.

Later in the evening, we went to the local saloon.  As we sat drinking our beers, a cowboy asked if he could join us.  He was a very interesting person.  He told us that he had been riding broncos in the rodeo for years and that he started his ranch when he was 12 years old when he bought 50 head of cattle.  I asked him to whom do the ranchers sell their beef and he informed me that 70% of the beef (there is a lot of angus cattle grazing in SD) was sold to the Japanese because Americans don’t want to pay the price for SD beef.  It’s time to wake up America and eat the good stuff and just say “no” to the factory farm beef.

Here’s a view of the Badlands which is right outside of Wall, South Dakota.

The Badlands

The Badlands


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2 Responses to Heading West: Day 3 – The Badlands and the Cowboy

  1. Are they anything like the Badlands of New Mexico, to where Marty Robbins ran off in “El Paso”?

  2. I think this is Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid “Badlands”.

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