Heading West: Day 4 – The Rockies

Instead of remaining on Route 90, we decided to take Route 212 across the southeastern part of Montana.  This is a two lane highway which traverses two reservations.  The highway begins as a flat high desert.  As the highway begins to get close to the reservations, the hills begin to appear larger and are covered with pines and prairie grass.  It has been a dry summer so the grass was pale and crispy.  Moving along route 212, we could see where the fires had destroyed whole mountain sides.  Even the road was melted in places.

We eventually caught up with Route 90 and headed off to Bozeman where we stayed in a lovely bed and breakfast.  The B&B sits at the base of a mountain.  It was a great place to spend the last night on the road before are arrival in Sammamish, WA.

The Silver Forest Inn



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3 Responses to Heading West: Day 4 – The Rockies

  1. One Fly says:

    This must be so much fun! Never been up there.

  2. It looks like good fishing country.

  3. rachelynne says:

    What a beautiful Inn!! It looks like it’s out of a fairy tale.

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