Road Trip: Day 5 – Crossing the Pass

What an exciting day on the road.  We crossed the Continental Divide.  It was both scary and awesome at the same time.  Route 90 follows the Yellowstone River and then at Regis, it follows the Regis River.  This was one of the most beautiful and picturesque parts of the trip so far.  The highway turns with the rivers as it moves along the river valley providing views of the mountains and ranches.

After entering Washington and passing Spokane, the countryside opens up to rolling fields of dry grasslands.  Eventually 90 makes a turn at the Columbia River gorge.  Awesome is the only word that I can find to describe this part of the road.  We slowly started our climb into the Cascade mountains.  The ridge to the east was lined with windmills.  We kept moving up the mountain until we were about 5 miles from the Snoqualmie Pass at which point the traffic was STOPPED.  Everyone turned off their motors to their cars or trucks and got out of their vehicles.  Get a group of people together and one of two things happens.  Either a party starts or a fight starts.  We decided that a party would be more fun so that is what we did.  There was blasting occurring in the pass so instead of blocking off the highway and sending motorists on a detour, the state of Washington decided it would just make everyone park their cars and wait and wait and wait for about 3 hours until the road was safe to pass.  We traveled 2800 miles without a detour and we were making excellent time only to be parked on the roadway for 3 hours just 40 miles from our destination.  Shame on Washington.  Travelers from out of state would never know to check the pass conditions during the summer time.


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One Response to Road Trip: Day 5 – Crossing the Pass

  1. The least they could do was post huge signs at the last intersection before you’re stuck warning people the road may be closed ahead for hours at a time, and tune into this station to find out the status. They don’t have to make it permanent, just during the times they intend to close the road.

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