Given all the support from Republican Candidates towards Rapists’ Rights, a new SUPER-PAC has arisen: RAPISTS FOR ROMNEY.

The Super-Pac turns out to be the ideal vehicle for getting out their message of support for the one Presidential Candidate that supports their right to father as many children as possible through rape, as it affords rapists both exposure and anonymity.

RAPISTS FOR ROMNEY is a PRO-LIFE, PRO-FATHER’S RIGHTS advocacy group in the process of also registering as a non-profit charitable corporation. Rapists, and those who would like to become rapists, may join anonymously.

RAPISTS FOR ROMNEY is gearing up for a forcefull push to get out the vote for Romney in these closing days of the campaign through door-to-door and back-alley campaigning. They also plan on flooding the airwaves with their short, but effective message:


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