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Welcome to Oregon

Sunday, we crossed the border from Idaho and into Oregon.  This is the greeting at the first ‘Rest Area/Welcome Center’ in Oregon.  It gave us a good feeling about this place. Notice the ‘Free Coffee’ sign?  Oregonians like their coffee … Continue reading

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Not Yet…

We looked at a few houses today and then we met with a mortgage broker.  After reviewing our current income, the broker told us that we don’t really qualify for much right now.  We will need to wait until Lou … Continue reading

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Twin Falls

We stopped in Twin Falls, ID on Saturday to have lunch and to see the place where Evel Knievel attempted to jump over the Snake River.  There’s not much left of the ramp that was built. However, there is a … Continue reading

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Today felt exhausting.  We finished our drive through Northwest Colorado, past Dinosaur National Park and into Utah.  The main highway is Route 40 which is mostly two lanes with an occasional third ‘passing’ lane for climbing hills.  The traffic was … Continue reading

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Colorado: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Spent the last two days in this state and got a feel for the place as I have not been here for what might qualify as an eon. Here’s a synopsis: The Good: Lots of spectacular scenery. The Front Range … Continue reading

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What a Difference A Day Makes

Yesterday, I was complaining and today was a wonderful day.  We met up with a local person, a blogger known as ‘One Fly’ and he gave us the best tour of this northwest part of Colorado. Our first stop was … Continue reading

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How Messed Up Can Things Get

Don’t visit Craig, CO.  It is a less than 1 horse town.  We are staying in a place, the Rocky Mountain Inn that looked fine when we booked through Priceline but it has the slowest Internet service. It smells like … Continue reading

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