Sunshine and Illinois

This is my third trip through Illinois and I have yet to see the sunshine in this state.


We stopped at a ‘Rest Area’ for lunch.  Since we almost lost Homer yesterday, we decided to bring his tent to the table.  The vet had provided me with drugs so that Homer would stay calm.  So far, the drugs seem to be working.  There is a down side to this drug and we think that it is also suppressing Homer’s appetite as he is hardly eating.  On Monday, we will try the trip without the drugs.  We have been traveling between 370 and 400 miles a day for the past two days.  The next several days will be shorter times on the road.


We enjoyed a light lunch at this ‘Rest Area’ in Illinois.  It was a really beautiful place to take a break.  Illinois does it right.  If you are coming from the east and can stomach driving through Indiana, then Illinois is worth the trip.

Pictures from the ‘Rest Area’:

IMG_0956 IMG_0957 IMG_0958IMG_0959 IMG_0960 IMG_0961Northern Illinois, along Interstate 74, is really lovely.  By the way, is that Hemlock?  It’s not Queen Ann’s lace.

The sun did come out when we got close to Iowa.  This year, Iowa is green as opposed to the burnt out cornfields of last year’s drought.  We stopped at a ‘Rest Area’ in Iowa and I felt compelled to take this picture of the ‘Women’ area.

IMG_0966This is the wall outside the ‘Women’ relief station.


Finally, this is floor in the foyer of the ‘Rest’ facilities.


The elevation is the same as our former home in Pike Township.

Lou said that I was beginning to look like a ‘tourist’ by taking all these pictures.  I replied that they were for the blog and that people want to see pictures.

All in all, Sunday was uneventful.  We enjoyed a Father’s Day dinner at Montana Mike’s Steakhouse in Des Moines, Iowa.  Our overnight is at Motel 6 which allows pets.  Since it is a motel as opposed to a hotel, we can hear everything especially people that are outside of our room.  Since Homer is visually impaired, he relies heavily on his hearing and these noises have frightened him so much that he crawled under the bed sheets and got himself as far to the end of the bed that is possible.  Silly cat.


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3 Responses to Sunshine and Illinois

  1. Awww. poor Homer. One good thing was you & Lou were there in the bed with him. At least that was familiar to him.

  2. Zooey says:

    The rest areas in the middle of the country are awesome! Beautiful grounds, buildings, and a lobby you can walk into — as opposed to doors on the outside of a building. Happy & safe travels!

  3. Ebb says:

    That’s a great tent Homer has!
    Thanks for posting pics of your travels west!

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