How Messed Up Can Things Get

Don’t visit Craig, CO.  It is a less than 1 horse town.  We are staying in a place, the Rocky Mountain Inn that looked fine when we booked through Priceline but it has the slowest Internet service. It smells like stale bleach in the room so I sprayed the room with essential oils just to kill the smell.  I had to hack into another hotel’s wireless just so I can post to this blog and comment on Facebook.  Lou is fishing today and he plans on fishing tomorrow.  I guess I will take a trip to Meeker as there is nothing to do in this stinky room.

Homer is on his own.  He is hiding under the bed.  His food and water is available and so is his litter box.  If he can’t deal with that, than too bad, too sad.  I’ve done all that I can do.  I’m beginning to think that I should have brought Synnie with me and had Homer adopted.  Synnie is friendly and is less fearful.  Any new noise or any new sound upsets Homer.

To top things off, our settlement on our house is not completed as once again, Wells Fargo “forked up” so now we have to sign onto another extension.  The settlement on our house is fine.  The problem is with the buyers of our house as their buyers are having problems with Wells Fargo.

This is becoming a test of my endurance.


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