Colorado: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Spent the last two days in this state and got a feel for the place as I have not been here for what might qualify as an eon. Here’s a synopsis:

The Good: Lots of spectacular scenery. The Front Range and the semi-arid Colorado River valley both offer incredible flora and fauna. Tops on the list were mule deer and elk. First up close glimpse of petroglyphs.  Had a great tour of the area by local guide whose hobby is history, geography, photography, and fly-fishing. Goes in the blogosphere by the name of  One Fly (though truth be told he uses a dry and a dropper).

Did manage one 16 incher on the Colorado River .

Nice fish! (as they all say)

Nice fish! (as they all say)

All the people we have met are very nice. Many in the Front Range are from someplace else. New Jersey was the unofficial winner.

The Bad: Vermont gets it, Colorado doesn’t. Access to fishing streams is very limited, restricted to public lands. The rest of the state appears to be ‘privatized’. Vermont landowners get it. Fishing recreation is a big tourist draw and infuses the state with a lot of cash. Anglers go there because there is abundant access. Only the moneyed get access in Colorado. Why turn everyone else away?

The Ugly: Northwest Colorado is an extraction zone. Coal is the main commodity, though gas and oil are in the mix. This is a place where I have encountered more wind, and more sun than any any other place I have been in America. There may be better places, but this would be in the top 10. Yet not one solar cell or wind mill to be seen. You know who controls the politics up here.


About nonewhere

Happy to be here. Fly-fishing, wine-making, music and rivers conservation make my step lighter, my eyes brighter.
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2 Responses to Colorado: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

  1. Ebb says:

    Extracting mother natures innards (fossil fuels) is ugly business leaving scars.
    Nice that you’re at least getting some fishing in!

    Continued good weather and safe travel as you approach the west coast!

  2. The wealthy landowners in Colorado don’t really care about the ‘health’ of this state. It’s all about fulfilling their greedy needs as they are oblivious to others except when someone gets near their property, you know, the property that was stolen from the Native Americans and given to the early settlers.

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