Today felt exhausting.  We finished our drive through Northwest Colorado, past Dinosaur National Park and into Utah.  The main highway is Route 40 which is mostly two lanes with an occasional third ‘passing’ lane for climbing hills.  The traffic was heavy and the sun was hot.  Both Lou and I were glad to make it to the hotel in Park City, Utah.

Now for the nomads.  There were a few interesting nomads back in Craig, Colorado.  The first person was a man carrying all his possessions walking along the road with his dog that was required to carry his own items such as food and bowls and other things.  Then there was the couple sitting along the side of the road with all their earthly belongings.  The most interesting was the young man walking along the road carrying his things and his companion was loaded with more things.  At first, I thought the companion was a donkey and then I saw the horns and realized it was a goat.  This nomad was on the move with his pet goat.

Tomorrow, we will be contacting a realtor in Bend, Oregon to set up some appointments to look at houses on Monday.  Our settlement was finally completed yesterday afternoon.  Good thing we didn’t have to wait around just to sign a few papers.  The buyer’s realtor signed with our permission the new paperwork.  Lou checked and the money is in the bank.

One last thing, there is a relay race happening today and tomorrow in Park City, Utah so the hotel is full.  We are staying at the Holiday Inn Express and they are pet friendly.


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