Twin Falls

We stopped in Twin Falls, ID on Saturday to have lunch and to see the place where Evel Knievel attempted to jump over the Snake River.  There’s not much left of the ramp that was built.


However, there is a different sport taking place over the Snake River in Twin Falls.  It is jumping off the bridge, opening a parachute and landing on the beach on the other side of the river.

IMG_1059IMG_1069It was certainly worth spending our break time in Twin Falls, Idaho.  I wouldn’t recommend stopping there.

IMG_1058(Lou took these pictures and I don’t think he knows how to use the ‘zoom’ feature)


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3 Responses to Twin Falls

  1. Zooey says:

    Crazy people jumping off perfectly good bridges. 😉

    If I have to be in Idaho right now, I’m glad I’m in northern Idaho. Much prettier. 🙂

  2. The gorge at Twin Falls is really beautiful. My guess is that there are mountains where you live.

  3. Zooey says:

    Rolling hills, planted with wheat. It’s called the Palouse. 🙂 Just a couple hours north — mountains!

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