The Columbia

I spent some time in Wenatchee, Washington on Saturday.  The Columbia River runs through this town. Wenatchee has a beautiful park along the river where people can walk, bike, play catch etc… .  As I was watching the river flow by, I started to wonder what the river looked like BEFORE the Coulee Dam was built.  My guess is that it had more of a shore line as the river would rise in the Spring from the snow melts and lower in the Fall as this area gets little rain during the Summer thereby exposing rocks and possibly a sandy beach.columbia-river-wenatchee-1006-5

thWe don’t need to build a dam across an entire river which destroys the quality of the river both upstream and downstream of the dam.  Here is a link to further information.  Let’s save our streams for future generations.  We can have our water and electricity without damaging our environment and destroying our streams.


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One Response to The Columbia

  1. Zooey says:

    Wenatchee is nice. Lots of orchards!

    Sadly, the entire Columbia River is dotted with dams, which makes it more of a series of lakes.

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