Shame on the News Media

When MSNBC cuts away from an interview with a former Congresswoman to report that Justin Bieber got arrested, that’s when I knew our news media has taken a nose dive.  Why should we care about Justin Bieber?

I refer to this as the “Britney Spears” media.  Several years ago, I noticed that the news was beginning to sound like a supermarket tabloid.  It first came to my attention when everyday, there was some new story about Britney Spears.  That went on for weeks.  Then it was Anna Nicole Smith, rest her soul.  There was lots to report about her.  Somewhere in between all these “famous” people, there was the runaway bride and the diaper woman.  Then the media became focused on Paris Hilton. Lindsey Lohan garnered their attention by going in and out of rehab.  Who are the Kardashians and why should I care?  Now it is all about the Bieber.  Really?

Not one of the above mentioned people have done anything to make this a better world.   Yet, the media seems focused on their every move.

Frankly, I don’t give a damn.  I just wish that the news media would report real news like they did before the 24/7 news cycle.  Walter Cronkite must be rolling over in his grave.


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