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My Candidate or ….

On several occasions, I have heard “Bernie or Bust”.  This could apply to Hillary supporters, too.  I’m not choosing sides here. Then there is the “things may need to get worse before they get better”.  WOW!!!  Now that is some … Continue reading

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Republicans Gift to Seniors

Actually, the gift to seniors was a ruse for providing a handout to the pharmaceutical and health insurance industries.  I am referring to the mandated drug insurance program known as Medicare Part D. This is my first year as a … Continue reading

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Recipe: Potato Corn Chowder

Potato Corn Chowder 1/2 chopped onion 2 celery stalks cut into strips 1 carrot cut into strips 7 chopped mushrooms (optional) 1 red bell pepper chopped 5 or 6 red potatoes cut into cubes 1 medium or 1/2 large sweet … Continue reading

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Shame on the News Media

When MSNBC cuts away from an interview with a former Congresswoman to report that Justin Bieber got arrested, that’s when I knew our news media has taken a nose dive.  Why should we care about Justin Bieber? I refer to … Continue reading

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Kelly Lane, not Penny Lane

We just moved in on the 6th of December.  The POD has come and gone.  There are still many boxes to unpack and furniture to move.  This is what the house looks like now.  In a few weeks, it will … Continue reading

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The Columbia

I spent some time in Wenatchee, Washington on Saturday.  The Columbia River runs through this town. Wenatchee has a beautiful park along the river where people can walk, bike, play catch etc… .  As I was watching the river flow … Continue reading

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Washington, King County

We have now settled in Sammamish, Washington for awhile which is located in King County named after Martin Luther King, Jr.  How ‘cool’ is that? After traveling from Bend, Oregon to Sammamish, Washington, we decided against moving to Bend because … Continue reading

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